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1970's Inboard V8 Ski Boat - Ford 289/302

Estimated price for orientation: 4 000 $

Category: Motorboats

State: VIC Hull Material: Fibreglass

This boat and trailer are currently registered in Victoria. Boat: Registered until 30 January 2018 Trailer: Registered until 13 March 2018 I have just paid both registrations. I know very little about the history or the origin of this boat. I bought it through a friend of a friend two years ago. I have put about 23 hours on the meter. I don't really have any records or receipts for this boat prior to me purchasing it. Just a verbal history. I am now selling it as i am looking to get a bigger, newer boat eventually. The boat has served it's purpose for me and made me realize i enjoy power boating.  From the research i have done i believe the boat to be a speedwell. I have looked at many photos and old ads and the speedwell is the only one that looks correct (copy of the ad in the photos). The boat looks to be circa 1970's. It has a ford V8 (sounds great), I was told it was a 302 when i bought it, but i think it's actually a 289. The inboard conversion kit is made by "Tawco", who are still in business, somewhere in Carrum, VIC i believe. The previous owner told me he had the motor rebuilt by a mechanic in Skipton, near lake Fyans, where he used to use it. I was told he hadn't put any hours on it since the rebuild as his kids lost interest in it. There are know receipts for this, although being a friend of a friend i would be surprised if he just made it up. He also had the hull painted by an apprentice panel beater in 2 pack white paint. The paint isn't perfect, but it looks good in the water. He had a new fuel tank made for it, it's about 55 liters and sits behind the rear seat. He had the seats re-trimmed and replaced the carpet. Unfortunately he also installed a wake pole mount, which apparently meant hacking a hole in the foam and fiberglass of the front seat (can see in one of the photos). I never managed to get the wake pole off him, i just use the cut out to put drink and sunscreen in.   Since i have owned it i have put a new marine battery in it, which cost about $260, it lives on a trickle charger, so it should still be in top condition. I have replaced the skeg bush, log gland and rudder cable. I fixed and tidied a few other bits and pieces.I changed the oil on it at the end of last season, but like i say i have put on 23 hours on it in 2 years, it hasn't done a lot of work. The oil stays clean, the motor hasn't given me any grief. It starts easily and holds oil pressure,it doesn't overheat. The boat uses a dog clutch (no reverse gear), it works fine, teeth are in good condition. the water pump has a small leak from the gland bush, which i never bothered fixing. The right hand ballast tank also seems to take on a very small amount of water (feels like 2-3 liters come out after a day on the water, this could be a leaky bung for all i know, there are no obvious bubbles from anywhere on the boat). The boat will happily tow a skier or two knee boards. I'm sure it will do all kinds of other things, but that's all i have done with it. With a full tank of fuel you will get about 4 hours of use. I have never taken the boat to a mechanic, i have done all of the work myself, its a very easy boat to work on. The boat is pretty small and will only seat 4 adults at a maximum. As far as i know the boat has only been used in fresh water, certainly by me. A boat cover, two knee boards and a ski rope are included. The boat also come with some basic spares, a waterproof torch, bail bucket, fire extinguisher, paddles and two very basic life jackets, this should be everything you technically need to use the boat on fresh water. The trailer is in pretty rough shape. It had been patched up before i bought it, i had to weld some more patches on it so i would be confident towing it. It is registered and does tow fine. It has a slow leak in one tire, which i just pump up before i use it. I replaced one of the wheel bearings last year as well.  I am not really sure what sort of structural condition the hull is in. It hasn't let me down but it is from the 1970's. In summary: This is an old boat and is far from perfect. The motor is good, with no issues. The hull seems ok, but is really an unknown quantity. The trailer is in rough shape, but works. The boat and trailer are registered. This boat could be driven to Lake Eildon tomorrow and give you a day of fun skiing or knee boarding, without needing to do anything except routine maintenance. This could be the perfect project or cheap introduction to boating you have been looking for. I am happy to spend some time with the new owner and go through all of the tips and tricks of this boat when you come to pick it up. I will not freight the boat. Please copy and paste the below link into your browser to hear the boat running and see some clips of me out and using the boat. If you would like to inspect the boat prior to bidding/buying please SMS me on 0421808302 and i will get back to you. If you have any general questions please message me through ebay, i will try to answer them. I have tried to include as much information as i can in this summary. I do not offer any warranty with the boat.   <----- watch this video