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10ft Aluminium Tinny Dinghy Boat with 6 HP Johnson Outboard Motor

Estimated price for orientation: 63 $

Category: Motorboats

State: NSW Hull Material: Aluminium
Length: 10 ft Included Items: Anchor, Outboard Motor

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

With great sadness I am parting ways with my beloved 10ft tinny. I'm not especially keen to, as it was a most cherished and very special gift to me which I’ve tried very hard to keep, and the source of much joy and happy memories. However, circumstances necessitate it moving to a new owner, who I'm sure will love it as much as I have. So out of these ruins, this presents to you an awesome chance to pick up a great deal. I invite you to profit from my misery!

It's 10 foot (or about 3 metres) as I said, aluminium everything, with plenty of seating for you and some companions (if you’re inclined to share).

Nifty little Johnson 6 horsepower outboard motor (no licence required) included in good repair.

Custom built stand with wheels for the motor is also included so it can be kept upright and moved about easily. It’s got a retractable handle thing so it can be wheeled about as needed.Furthermore, a sand anchor and a rock anchor is included too.So to recap, this auction is for:10 ft aluminium tinnyJohnson 6HP outboard motorSteel motor stand with wheelsSand anchorRock anchor(All items are to be taken as a single lot)It’s a great size for either going out solo or with a small crew of pals (or one special companion if you’re the picnic-along-the-river type, which I am, no shame).Whenever I've taken it out, I've had no trouble getting it onto and off a ute tray or box trailer by myself. So it's good if you feel like wetting a line with a few friends or just going for a bit of a relaxing outing by yourself to recharge the batteries or to find a secluded spot where you can have a swim, which I've done many times.It's a beauty. I’m sure anyone who takes it will be most pleased with their purchase and enjoy countless hours bobbing around the lakes and rivers.As for the actual quality and condition of the things, inspections (prior to sale) are welcome and encouraged so you can see it for yourself, however let me give you a detailed description so you know what you’re getting:A number of bumps and bruises consistent with age and use--see photos to get an idea. It's been siliconed on the base ribs by the bloke it was bought from, to plug small leaks/nicks and so on. All pretty standard stuff for an older used aluminium tinny. No rips or tears or splits, just dings.When I last took it out, it had a very slow/small leak which would make itself apparent after a bit of time out on the water. It never bothered me, but I'll mention it anyhow, erring on the side of caution. A spot of silicone will do the trick if you’re so inclined.If you’re super eager and industrious you may even want to clear out the old silicone and put some fresh stuff in (I’ve considered it myself) but it’s really not necessary.You'll also need a couple extra, relatively easy things that I just haven’t had time to organise myself:New fuel tank (you can get one for about 25 bucks on ebay). The one I had was deteriorated from being left in the Sun by some genius, so I had to chuck it.Fuel line (to attach the aforementioned tank to the motor). They're probably about 15 bucks. A small bit of ply for the mounting plate. It goes between the boat and the plate which is bolted on the back. The bit that was in there was old and ratty and falling to bits as wood is inclined to do, so I chucked that out too. It’s probably 20c worth of marine ply so that's more an inconvenience than an expense, but you should know about it anyhow.About the motor:Let me tell you about the motor. I’m making the good faith assumption and representing to you mob that the motor is in great working order because I have every expectation that it IS after the care and repair it’s been treated to. However being without a fuel tank and line (see above) I can’t actually show you it’s in great working order before you take it.We haven’t taken it out for a couple years now (no ute or trailer any more), HOWEVER, we had to replace the power head after it seized (which we did), and it’s only had a few hours use since then. So it’s basically new.The motor has always been stored upright on its stand and indoors out of the weather. It can be easily turned/cranked by hand. It’s all nice and neat inside (see photos).So I fully expect that the thing works reliably and will give you lots of use without trouble: out of weather, power head replaced a few hours-of-use ago, stored on the stand indoors since. The fuel in it will be stale, but once that’s through I’m sure it is all hunky-dory and running beautifully.But I don’t have the means of firing it up without a fuel tank on hand, so I’m doing the right thing and letting you know. (If you want to turn up with a fuel tank and hose for an inspection before buying, you’re most welcome!)Also some nincompoop has turfed my oar, you might want to consider getting one as a backup.Other things:Inspections are most welcome any time PRIOR to the sale being concluded. Flick us a message or call.A commitment to buy is a commitment to buy. Buy. Please note that this listing is for all items, I’m not splitting them. You’re buying (and taking) the lot!No trailer for this one, you’ll need to bring a box trailer or ute.Please note that this lot must be sold in a hurry, so it is by necessity available for sale elsewhere. I reserve the right to end this item listing here should it be no longer available.I am--somewhat grudgingly--amenable to offers, but for heaven’s sake if you’re making an offer, please make it a sensible one. Not interested in swaps or favours or non-cash consideration or back rubs. As lovely as back rubs are.Item located in Cabarita Beach / Bogangar NSW. About 5 minutes north of Pottsville and 25 minutes south of Coolangatta.If I’ve left something out or you have any queries please feel free to contact me.I look forward to hearing from you!- Matt