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Hovercraft Odyssey 700 1979 Amphibious Air Boat Enclosed Cabin

Estimated price for orientation: 12 500 $

Category: Other Boats

Make: Hovercraft

 1979 Odyssey 700 Hovercraft by Space Hovercraft Limited of Ottawa, Canada Currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah-Local pickup preferred, shipping is also avaible. Cowling for positive reverse thrust, features an adjustable pitch 5 blade 48" carbon fiber prop for thrust, welded squirrel cage blowers for lift Length 16'10" deflated, 17'10" inflated Width: 7'6" deflated, 11'2" inflated Height: 6' 10" deflated, 7'10" inflated Hover height 12" maximum
Weight: 2100lbs fully fueled
Payload 4 passengers, or 700lbs
Power: one Ford 354 V8 Windsor Block, 188HP water cooled engine, 12V electrical system
Instruments: Tachometer, fuel level gauges for dual fuel tanks, temperature gauges, strobe, running lights, lifting rings Fuel capacity: 23 Gal 150% positive buoyancy foam filled hull, bilge blower and pump, pop out windows Speed: 35 to 40 MPH Fuel consumption: 4.5 gal/hour approximate (6 hour run time) Designed to fit inside a standard 20 foot shipping container Includes optional heater (though the core has a leak on a connecting pipe), marine radio, air horn, and fire extinguisher Lift air is by dual welded-aluminum centrifugal blowers Over the past ten years, here's what i've done to the craft: Replaced the Neoprene Nylon skirt with a new custom Vinyl-Nylon skirt (25+ year life) (2006) Replaced the wooden propeller with a 5 bladed adjustable pitch carbon fiber propeller (2006) Replaced the engine with a newly rebuilt V8 Windsor block, only put about 4 hours on new engine (2006) Replaced the exhaust system with dual glass pack style mufflers (2006) Replaced the radiator with a brand new custom radiator (2015/16), new water pump, thermostat, etc The two photos of the hovercraft on the water were taken at Willard Bay in 2007. It has mostly been in storage for the past ten years. Other full disclosure items: The fiberglass shows some pitting of the gel coat in spots, there is a rip in the fiberglass on the front hull and another on top of the cab that i attempted to repair. I'm missing one piece of the body, a flat section that allows the engine compartment to be completely sealed up. The static pressure in the skirt seems to be low, so i'd suggest adjusting the skirt to reduce the amount of air bleed through. This will increase pressure. The cooling system has an issue of some kind. I believe one of the head gaskets may have failed. The engine is really too heavy for this craft (it weighs around 700 lbs) and should ideally be replaced with a light weight aluminum engine. A 4' diameter propeller consumes up to 125 hp, and the lift blowers another 50 or so, depending on static pressure. I wanted to install a separate engine in front for lift, but i never got that far. Instead there is a drive line connecting the rear engine to the front blower gear box. The whole boat is is rough around the edges, but is a really impressive hovercraft. Definitely a "Project". The engine runs, but the hovercraft is not in "running order", as the cooling system has an issues described above. During my research years ago, i found another hovercraft of this same model, painted red. I've heard there may have been as many as five built, but i believe this was the first, as described in some news articles i have on hand. I transported the hovercraft around on a 20 foot tilt-bed trailer with a hand crank winch, but the hovercraft listing does not include a trailer. I do have heavy equipment available to load it on a trailer for you though. Additional photos can be taken and provided upon request. Questions? if so please inquire if interested.