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1986 22' Sea Ray Pachanga NO MOTOR and NO OUTDRIVE

Estimated price for orientation: 800 $

Category: Cuddies

Condition: Used Year: 1986
Make: Sea Ray

I had this boat for several years, with a 383 stroker engine and Alpha one drive.  It ran good making speeds of 65-70 + MPH with a 19 Pitch prop and turning not more than 5500 RPMs.  It had been a nice little boat for smooth water and did not burn much gas.  However, The engine was too much for the outdrive and It damaged it.  I decided not to fix it, because I have two other bigger boats that I will fix instead.  There is NO MOTOR in it, as I installed it in one of my other boats.  Therefore, the boat is being sold with NO MOTOR and NO OUTDRIVE.  I used the boat until August 2016.  The electrical/wiring system of the boat is all good and working if a battery is installed.  There is a good working sound system installed as well.  The trailer is in fair condition as I repaired 50% of it.  I replaced the two I beams that go across to hold the bunkers and put two new bunkers.  The springs, fenders and other hardware should be replaced to make it a good trailer for another few years.  I have a good clear tittle for the boat.  You should be able to register the trailer as a "homemade" trailer.  This boat would work fine with a normal 350 engine and the original Alpha One drive, anything bigger would need a Bravo One outdrive.  Life vest, anchor and ropes are not included.***Be aware of the eBay person duncansprofits59***This guy first asked if I could deliver the boat, because he did not have a truck to pick it up.  The name on his profile immediately showed me a flag, as this was some kind of scam.  However, me trying to be nice, I said I could for an extra $100.00  Then after him wining the bid, he asked if I could wait a week for his "pay day" so he could put a deposit on it.  How in this world would you buy a "PROJECT BOAT" if you don't even have a truck to pull it?  I think he was trying to resell the boat before I would even deliver it to whatever address he was going to provide, so he could just make a profit without even touching the boat or doing anything.  Is not my problem what you would like to do with the boat AFTER YOU PAY FOR IT.  However, please do not waste with my time like that.  That person will be banned from this and any of my auctioned items and he was already reported to eBay.  I have heard all kinds of excuses for not putting a deposit.  A guy once told me he did not know how to do it and actually asked me to write and send him the steps on how to do it.  Come on please, do not waste our valuable time. After an item is tagged as "SOLD" we the seller will have to pay fees on the sale.  Therefore, no I will not wait a week for anybody to put a deposit.  If you do not put a deposit immediately after wining, I will cancel the sale.