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Estimated price for orientation: 750 $

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Condition: Used Make: Livingston

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS CAREFULLY:This is a wonderful little boat and is in fine condition. It has been used as a tender on a motor yacht on Lake Coeur d'Alene and comes complete with the davit system for mounting just in case you choose to use it in this way. If not, it still makes a great little fishing boat or a fun way to explore a lake or river. It also comes complete with the Nissan 3.5 HP 2-Stroke motor which starts on just one pull virtually every time and is also in great condition. I am a pilot and of those fussy people who takes incredibly good care of his things. Especially his mechanical things. The motor has a new carburetor, new gear oil, new spark plug, new prop, new fuel filter, fuel line, impeller and is probably the cleanest circa 1998 motor you may ever see. As far as I know I am the second owner and I believe the boat is also from 1998 (or so). The Nissan, Tohatsu and Mercury 3.5HP 2-strokes are all the same motor by the way. In my opinion it runs just like new. You be the judge. I stripped the oars and applied 5 coats of top-quality Cetol Marine Varnish. My favorite feature is the new wheel kit on the back of the boat. These are a GREAT idea! One person can wheel the boat around like a wheelbarrow. The nice thing is that you can easily launch this boat without the need for a second person or a proper boat trailer. You can use a little utility trailer or just roll it into the back of a pickup. When you get to the parking lot of your launch-sight you just park and wheel the boat down to the water. This is what we did last week here on CDA and had a great time cruising around the lake for a couple of hours. It is an effortless way to launch a small boat. The wheel mounts have a very simple yet effective way of detaching from the boat. You just lift up on the spring-loaded pin and flex them off. I have the parts manual and owners manual for the motor on CD to go with the boat along with an additional new prop and pins. I will also include a new 2 gallon, red gas can filled with properly mixed fuel & oil. For the record: All of the thoughtful things that have been done to this boat & motor were done so with the idea that we would be using it for years to come and I wanted it to be in the best and most reliable condition. The fact is that we have decided to find a new home for the boat as we simply do not have time to use it with all that is going on at this time. As such I think this is a great find for someone. It is ready to go and I don't believe you would have to spend a dime on this boat other than for a couple of cushions or mounted seats like you see on some of the bigger boats if you feel this is needed. Livingston make a great little boat of very good quality and one that is very stable in rough waters due to its dual-hull design. They actually have a double layered hull as well for added safety. The LV9 (like this one) rows nicely and also runs great with the 3.5HP motor. The manufacturer states that the LV9 has a weight capacity of 550 lbs. for motor, gear and up to 3 people. If you search on Google for the Livingston LV9 you will find plenty of additional details. If you don't buy this one buy another one but buy a Livingston because there is nothing better for the money. PLEASE NOTE: * This is being offered "for pickup only".  We are in Coeur d'Alene, ID (east of Spokane, WA).
* The weight capacity is listed as 550 lbs by the manufacturer. Google 'Livingston LV9' for specs.
* The boat and motor are being offered as a pair and will not be sold separately. Thanks for looking.  Safe boating.