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1968 Pacemaker

Estimated price for orientation: 6 000 $

Category: Cruisers

Condition: Used Year: 1968
Make: Pacemaker

You are bidding on a 1968 pacemaker 48 foot aft cabin Motor Yacht. I was personally living on this boat up until 2 months ago. While I was away in Europe something got caught between the dock and the boat, punctured a hole in the side and the boat went down. There was nothing below the water line that caused the boat to sink . In fact I have receipts for about $10,000 spent on replacing  and refastening planks below the waterline before I bought the boat . This is one of the reasons why I bought the boat because it was in solid condition .  I maintained the hull every month by cleaning it as it should be. So there is no excessive growth to deal with or get cleaned. The boat never leaked water from anywhere neither from the deck the ceilings nor the hull, it was and still is a very solid boat. After it sank, the boat was then risen up and the hole right at the waterline was patched. It is now floating under its own power. We have not tried to start the (2) Detroit diesel 671-N engines but before going down they were running perfectly, both of them. This includes the transmissions. It ran flawlessly. The electrical seems to be intact as we turned the power on again and the plugs we tried worked. You will have to go through it yourself to be 100% sure, there are no guarantees. I was told by the police and clean up crew that the boat did not leak very much diesel at all. There is about 300 gallons in the fuel tank. With an additive such as (PRI-D) you will be able to use the fuel again. (Speaking from personal experience). Everything seems to be intact and probably would not be much to get it functional again. I have personally done this.The boat before I bought this one, was a boat that had went down. With some handy work and a little elbow grease, I got all of the electrical and everything working on that boat, turned around and sold it, then bought this one. So if you are handy and up for a project then this is the boat for you. It has one large stateroom with a Cal king bed. One guest quarters with bunk beds and 1 v berth. That's a total of three sleeping quarters plus two bathrooms / heads. The galley / kitchen has a full size fridge 2 burner stove and double sink it is small area but functional. Also with a booth or nook for dining. The flooring was bamboo but will need to be cleaned and re-glued or replaced. The v-berth features a large bed for one person closet space and its own bathroom. Up stairs on Deck has a bar and seating area. It will need just a good degreaser soap and water scrubbing to get it to shine again. As the oil from the engines did get on the walls and parts of the ceiling. Nothing some elbow grease won't fix. Like I said before, I am speaking from experience...I am selling it because we were already planning to move and just keep the boat for my wife to stay on on one one of her many travels to Los Angeles for work. Neither of us have the time to put in to bring the boat back to where it was before. Like I said if you were handy like me and up for a project then this is a fantastic boat. For those bidders that live in Los Angeles or coastal parts of California, this boat is a floating condo. A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 3 level condo. You could live in it as we did, for much cheaper than a house or an apartment of the same size. But this you own and can go wherever you want. As I said it is a very solid boat  with no problems structurally except for some Keel work that was not that big of an issue and certainly was not the cause of the sinking . We were going to deal with it this year when we got back from the uk, You are welcome to go down and see the boat anytime you like. Contact me and I will tell you where it is. We own it outright, there are no liens or loans on the boat whatsoever. This is a no-reserve auction and it will sell for the ending price. I make no guarantees as to the condition of any part of this boat whatsoever. The boat did sink and I have tried to describe it to the best of my abilities as to its condition according to me. I am not an expert, I have not had it professionally surveyed nor have I gone over it with a fine-tooth comb. So buyer beware and do your due diligence before bidding. The marina it's in is closing, so you will need to find another marina to take it too. There are two diy boatyards where you can work on it yourself one is in the Long Beach area that I don't remember the name and the other (which is where we were going to take it to) is Ventura Harbor Marina. It is very cheap and they allow you to work on it and do whatever you like at that boatyard, I highly recommend it. I do not have experience with the other in the Long Beach area. They never had room whenever I wanted to take it there. A non refundable deposit of half of the purchase price must be made within 24hrs of the auction end by PayPal or other secure method.  So please be sure you want this boat before bidding.Please ask any questions you may have. Good luck and happy bidding!