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1960 Abbey

Estimated price for orientation: 113 $

Category: Other Powerboats

Condition: Used Year: 1960
Make: Abbey

I have decided to sell my1960 Abbey Hurricane manufactured in Miami Florida by famed boat builderHoward Abbey. Popular in the Gold Coast Marathon it was raced as both a D andan E-service Runabout. It is 18’ long. Howard liked galvanized steel screws,this may account for the lack of remaining Hurricanes! I have completedextensive work on it over the last fifteen years. Most of the bottom frameshave been replaced, new frame gussets, new stringers, new battens, shears andchines. Mahogany frames and old growth clear fir everywhere else. Allfasteners are bronze or stainless; all glue joints are West System Epoxy. Theplywood skin is all new but has grayed and I would replace it if I was keepingher. The boat is stored inside now. Hurricanes were conceived in the trueservice runabout tradition of a racing family boat. The engine would have beenunder hatches with a transmission, water cooled exhaust manifolds and v-driveand forward and aft cockpits with seating for six. Steering would be from theaft cockpit. When I first acquired herI was able to speak to Howard Abbey. He explained that the 18’ and 21’ servicerunabouts were made in the same jig. The only difference being the addition ofone more frame. The boat has big beefy frames! The new frames were exact copiesof the originals. I made no attempt to re-engineer Howard’s design. You couldfinish her at 18’ as an E-Service Runabout with a small block Chevy or add onemore frame lengthening her to 21’ install a 392 Chrysler Hemi with sixStromberg 97’s and complete her as the famed F-service runabout “Oh-Mona!”, puta big Cadillac in and replicate Howards personal boat HURRICANE. Use her as a plug at either length and go into business building fiberglass“Conn Craft” replica race boats! There was only one 21’Abbey Hurricane and that was the Oh-Mona! Bob Conn of Miami gotpermission from owner Del Daily and builder Howard Abbey and pulled a mold andbuilt them in fiberglass as 21’ “Conn-Craft” F-service runabouts. Of the 15 21’Conn-Craft copies none have been found. How many un-restored 55+ year oldFlorida built race boats are left? There are only a handful of servicerunabouts of any class left! ***ALL THE VINTAGE PHOTOS ARE OF THE 21' VERSION*** I do not have a trailer. Boatis located in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Must pick up locally, ***Trying this one last time. Don't want a lot but not giving her away either. This is a historically significant boat from a famous Florida builder. If you have the skills it is a big jumpstart into Vintage Race Boats. My reserve is $1000. There is way more than that in her in mahogany and screws alone. Good luck bidding!***